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Social Essay
When people think of the word “social,” they think about the dictionary meaning: “relating to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations” ( However, my definition is substantially more complex so that when people say, “social,” it could be my middle name. I communicate with a lot of people but they are not all my best friends, and being social does not mean that you have to become best friends with everyone. For me, social means when a person knows a lot of people, also is kind to others, is different which makes other people think he is unique, and is very involved and interactive with people.
One of the ways I can be social is by knowing a lot of people with whom I can communicate. It can also help me gain more knowledge from others and appreciate other points of view. By knowing people in my math class, I can talk with individuals asking if they need any help and …show more content…

Don’t copy someone else 's style: I have my own unique style, and I am my own role model. Never do things which others like, but always do things which you like. Always wear something different than others, for example, wear snapbacks. Stick with a hairstyle which not many people have, for example, a fohawk. I am also very persistent which makes me different. I am persistent because I have a burning desire, inner confidence, highly developed habits, the ability to adjust and adapt, and I am a role model who many people try to follow. Being persistent can help me make more friends, and also it helps me achieve my goals.
For example, I help homeless people in the winter time by giving them warm clothes and blankets.
To conclude, people should remember me when they hear who is the most social because I communicate with a lot of people, I am very generous to others, I am involved in many clubs and I make a lot of friends that

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