Reflective Essay On Social Media Identity

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Social media is a truly unique concept that gives a person the ability to construct their identity any way they please. Many different social media outlets exist and give people the opportunity to present themselves using different models. Facebook (arguably the most popular social media site), prompts users to construct their identity in a way that reflects their true self. While many people use real names and information about themselves, it is not difficult to create a completely new persona. Other popular sites like Twitter and Instagram encourage users to create an identity using abstract forms of expression such as photography. While it is assumed that one’s presence on social media sites mirrors real life, I have found that for most people, the opposite is actually true. People who are introverted in everyday life tend to use social media as an outlet for their opinions and those who are extroverted tend to keep a low online …show more content…

While it is necessary to retain accounts on various sites in order to stay connected, it is essentially a platform to judge one another. I tend to construct my various social media profiles as a reflection of my true self. I love the idea of being able to connect with others on various platforms and bridge the social gaps all over the world, but I am apprehensive about participating too much on social media for fear of judgment. My social media accounts reflect the true me based on my information and presentation but they do not define me as a person. My presence on social media is not strong and this may cause others to perceive me as unapproachable or antisocial. What people may not realize is I am very social through in-person interactions and I love meeting new people and making them laugh. If my presence on social media has taught me one thing, it’s do not judge a person’s character based on their online persona and activity. Sometimes, they are two completely different

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