Definition Essay On Success

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Success can be described in several different ways depending on the person. It is what most humans strive for in their everyday tasks. A person, animal, or even a plant could be looked at as successful, but what they are trying to be successful at may be moral or immoral. One might effectively compose music or one could effectively destroy a car. How someone views actions taken is how they will characterize how much of a success is accomplished. An individual could set a goal and strive to attain that goal and by striving to achieve others may look at the person as successful since they are working hard to accomplish what their goal is, but the person trying to accomplish the goal may not feel like a success until they reach the goal. …show more content…

Another distinguishing characteristic of success is self-motivation and self-sacrifice. A person may set a goal but if they do not take any movements to reach that goal then it is not measured as a success. It takes perseverance and being able to learn from failure. Success takes patience, time, and effort not giving up or backing down. There normally is competition or other competitors when it comes to animals being successful in finding food or when humans try to discover something new. When a person knows what they are good at success in a certain field becomes a lot easier. A success can be major or minor getting a driver’s license could be considered a success for a sixteen-year-old. Graduating college is viewed as a success to college students. When a person goes beyond the ordinary and accomplishes a task it can be considered a success. A lot of times famous individuals who have invented things that have helped improve life as we know it or even music artist is what may come to mind when thinking about the word success. Depending who a person works for it takes being good at working under pressure to reach your goal and be successful. Hard work, discipline, being goal oriented, and even some inspiration from others is needed in being successful at some

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