Definition Essay: The Role Of Violence In Our Society

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Violence has been an immense variable in our society, regardless of what era our childhood occurred in. Violence is all over the place and it consistently has been in every generation. Constantly people find out about violence, whether it is in their neighborhood, on their televisions or even just in their local news. Regardless of the fact that if you are not a violent individual and you live in a sheltered and secured group, you are still not sheltered from violent actions. The alarming issue about violence is that everybody is adequate to commit violent actions. Regardless of how defensive a mother is, her kid will in any case need to experience our vicious world sooner or later in their lives. Despite the fact that we live in a universe of viciousness, that does not require that we must be violent. There is numerous peaceful individuals and groups, however it is very difficult to discover a group that is truly not vicious. On the off chance that nonviolence was conceivable, there would be no requirement for law enforcement any longer. Violence may not be within you, but people must be wary of who they are companions with these days in light of the fact that nobody genuinely knows who is violent or…show more content…
Violence can go from a little push in the lunch line at an elementary school to a fist fight at a secondary school. Violence could mean pushing a player with "the intent to injure" in a basketball game or it could mean a domestic violence case in your neighbor 's home. Some people even take out violent acts on innocent defenseless animals. There are an enormous number of illustrations of violence and I am certain that every individual can compose a novel simply stating the violent demonstrations that they have seen or recently known about, since the very first moments of our lives. The question is what causes individuals to be so violent and commit these unnecessary actions towards each

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