Delano Roosevelt Dbq

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“President Franklin Delano Roosevelt” The American political system today is flowing incredibly well, despite looking at disputes between political candidates and parties. Have you ever wondered how laborious and demanding it is running a country while receiving high criticism, negativity, and stressful times? I believe all of the United States presidents’ have worked hard to improve the economy and the lives of U.S. citizens. Politics are often confused and referred to as corrupt, but I think it is a huge challenge getting elected to office to help your country and people. Most important, the president that I think did an inspiring and motivating job as president was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also known as FDR,…show more content…
Franklin Roosevelt supported presidential candidate Woodrow Wilson during the 1912 National Democratic Convention, which paid him with an appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. The job was very meaningful to FDR, because it was the same job as his idol Theodore Roosevelt had before he had moved to presidency. Franklin Roosevelt was an active and organized administrator who specialized in business operations, worked with Congress to get budgets approved and systems up to date. FDR also founded the U.S. Naval Reserve. Upon his difficulty working with his boss, Josephus Daniels, who was not interested in supporting large naval force, he decided to quit. Roosevelt then decided to run for the U.S. Senate seat for New York in 1914. His plan was not fortunate from the start and he lacked White House support. President Woodrow Wilson couldn’t support FDR any longer, because he needed the Democratic Political machine to get his social reforms passed and ensure his reelection. Roosevelt had too many political enemies among the New York Democrats. As a result, he was defeated in the primary election and learned that national reputation cannot help you defeat a productive political organization. Additionally, Franklin Delano Roosevelt found personal and professional success when he moved on to Washington politics. He advanced on personal relationships, as he was seen at notable parties, where women found him a very attractive man. FDR developed a relationship with…show more content…
Correspondingly, Franklin Roosevelt improved the economic reform in his first 100 days. He called it the “New Deal”. Roosevelt firstly ordered temporary closure of banks to stop run on deposits. Also, he formed a Brain Trust of economic advisors who designed alphabet agencies, such as the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) to support farm prices, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to employ young men, and the National Recovery Administration (NRA) to regulate wages and prices. Likewise, other agencies insured bank deposits, managed the stock market, supported mortgages, and provided assistance to the unemployed. Substantially, much had improved due to FDR’s efforts. The economy had improved by 1936. The gross national product was up to 34 percent and unemployment had dropped from 25 percent to 14 percent. Unfortunately, FDR’s criticism had continued for increasing government spending and unbalanced budgets. Also, several of his New Deal acts were declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. Franklin Roosevelt decided to gather justices favorable to his reforms in the court, but many in Congress including a few Democrats disagreed. As a result, by 1938, due to the negative publicity, inactive economy, and Republican victories in mid-term elections, it was the end of Roosevelt’s reform legislation. Moreover, Congress passed Neutrality Acts in the early 1930s to prevent the U.S. from
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