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Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 33rd president of the United States. He served the United States four times. He got chosen 4 times because they didn’t have a law that limited the times a president could serve the country. Once the law was established it simply stated that a president could only serve office no more than two times. When the law had passed he had already served four times. It was proposed in 1947 but passed in 1951. FDR served for 12 years. In the chapter, it states that his dominant trait was his ability to persuade and convince other people. He had a strong voice, deep and rich; a winning smile and buoyant confidence that could easily be transmitted to others. He knew how to use flattery to win over peoples. He was very good …show more content…

FDR was an important president because he witnessed the Great Depression and World War II. He helped The United States move through it, in other words, he led the United States through it. Everyone loved FDR; he was very charismatic and got along well with people. According to Hauenstein Center staff writers, Franklin of minimized the war’s negative impact, while maximizing the nation’s international leadership, he contributed to the third greatest achievement: more than a half century of relative peace and prosperity. Mr. Franklin vision, policies, and style did much to make possible the American Century. As wrong-headed as he could be in his day, as controversial as he remains to this day, his presidency has definitely brought many structural changes that contributed to the U.S His visions and policies, his style and manner of being president, influenced subsequent presidents in both parties That’s why Franklin Roosevelt is widely regarded as one of America’s greatest presidents. Roosevelt not only met the challenge of the depression but also solidified the shift to the Democratic Party and created an enduring coalition that would dominate American politics for a half of

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