What Are The Accomplishments Of Franklin D Roosevelt A Good President

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Out of all the presidents over the years we have seen tons of presidents that offer different credential's for taking the role of commander and chief, I think out of all the presidents the United States had that made the biggest impact would be Franklin D. Roosevelt. He has had many accomplishments during his presidency that are still very known to this day, For example, Roosevelt created the FDIC which made people less hesitant to put money in there bank accounts and is still used till this day. Also he was responsible for the Fair Labor Standards Act this was to stop people from hiring children to work in factories, and make it illegal for underage children to work.

During the first 100 days of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency was remarkable for him, during those days it created some of the most important programs that are still around till this day. Some of them where, The Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), The Public Works Administration (PWA), The Civilian Conservations Corps (CCC) and The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) all of these are very important programs that have helped shape America to what it is today. Franklin D. Roosevelt was also …show more content…

Roosevelt also made the Good neighbor policy, which basically was saying that would not getting in between Latin American nations and wouldn't cause conflict between them. Also it was the United States goal by making this policy it would help to produce more trade with Latin country's. During the great depression it was tough for many people, a lot of people lost there job and couldn't provide for the family's that is why it was called the great depression because it was a depressing era for many people. When Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in 1933 the Great depression was already happening four years before he was elected. When he became commander and chief he helped greatly. He made the New Deal Program which helped many american's get there jobs back and boosted employment by

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