Dementia Informative Speech

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Dementia is a tenacious disorder which causes the loss of one’s mental ability; affecting their speech, shrinking of the hippocampus (dictates movement between long term and short term memories in the brain, this engenders a myriad of problems: being certain that memories have already occurred, and confusing two memories with each other and the people within it. Dementia is a slow, obnoxious disease that eventually kills the patient.
There are an estimated 850,000 civilians living in Britain that have Alzheimer’s disease: most common type of dementia. Despite those bewildering figures, there is still no cure for any type of dementia. Why is not enough done? The 3rd of March 2007 was the day that changed mine and my family’s life. What …show more content…

My mum and grandpa visit her every Monday to check up on her, yet she still confuses her memories with them.
This year, my gran and grandpa will celebrate their golden anniversary (50 wonderful years together) sadly, my gran was not able to remember this rich tapestry of events and emotions, but we still celebrated this achievement. We had a family day out at Celtic park to commemorate this, my grandpa was surprised by this and we all had a great day. It was sad to not indulge this with my gran, as I know she would have loved this. But due to this horrible, cancerous, chronic disorder known as dementia; it has changed her life.
I have always wondered what goes through here mind on a day to day basis, the mechanism of her brain makes it so unique, I constantly contemplate the pain she must endure, and she has my utmost respect for her bravery and perseverance, throughout this daunting experience. Imaging your own gran: not remembering anything about you or unable to recall any memories. No one should ever have to experience the pain of this. No

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