What Is Democracy In America Essay

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The dictionary definition of democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the members of a state, typically through elected representatives. In other words, democracy is freedom. A government set up by the people and for the people. This a beautiful government set up by an outstanding group of men that were able to come together and compromise through some of the hardest times in American history. Americans are extremely blessed to live in the country we live in and to have the type of government we have. So many countries around the world have citizens that have no control of how their country is ruled, or who it is ruled by. There are still dictatorships and other types of government that are not ideal to most people. …show more content…

This may be the most ironic thing in present day America. It is ironic because everyone always wants to say their opinion and complains about not having freedom to speak and express their mind, but as a whole gets easily offended by the slightest things. We should have that freedom of speech and be able to use it to its maximum potential, but we should also be able to handle others ideas and opinions without getting offended so easily and jumping to conclusions. Compromise is the best thing humans can have. It is a way for people to bring their differences in race, religion, ideas, culture, and more to the table and come out with something better than they started with. This is what the potential of using freedom of speech the right way can bring, and make is Americans better leading to a better country. The “American Dream” started with hard work. Something which is very simple, but something this country has gotten away from. Building this country up came from nothing less than hard work. The only way to continue the success this country has had is to keep that same simple principle of working hard. Over the years, we have gotten away from that by looking

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