Democracy In Athens

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Rise of Democracy: Age of Pericles, Delian League, Rebuilding the Athens

Democracy is political system where everybody has equal rights. A country is ruled by the leader, who is elected with voting of citizens. The beginning of democracy is linked with Pericles leadership in Athens in the fifth century BC. Pericles ruled the government during the Golden Age of Athens, which is known as Age of Pericles. Pericles was the most important political leader for Athens who influenced Greek politics. He was known as “the first citizen of Athens”. He had many different functions during the period of creativity and learning, these were an outstanding general, politician, orator and patron of art. Pericles and Athens alliance formed the Delian League, and then Pericles also helped to led it.
The biggest Pericles achievement was construction of Acropolis. Acropolis is also named as upper-city or city-weight. It was instigated building project in 447 BC in Athens. Two famous monuments were constructed on Acropolis, and there were Parthenon and Propylaea. Parthenon was huge marble temple of Athens, and Propylaea was a mammoth gate building. He also built new temples and state throughout Athens. Most of his achievements are connected with Athens politics. He changed many things in government. First, he …show more content…

The most important cause for internal Greece war was that Athens controlled everything. They were leading other city-states in the Delian League. They used the Delian League as their own empire. Next step, Athens attacked the Sparta’s ally. All causes were logical, Sparta destroyed Athens land, and then Athens surrounded to Sparta. Half of Greek population joined the Persian army. They were known as mercenaries of the war. Second Athens collapse was not the worst thing for Athenian citizens. The war brought the plague in the Athens and half of Athenian population dead because of this

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