Democracy In Joe Klein's Primary Colors

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Election day to some people is extremely important, while to others it is just another day. This is impart due to one’s opinion on how democratic the elections truly are and if our voting matters. Some people doubt that using a electoral college is truly representing the people. As one explores the process more, it becomes evident that other factors such as the media and the campaigning staff, have equal if not more influence on who gets elected. In Joe Klein’s novel, Primary Colors, the reader is allowed to experience what being in a presidential campaign is truly like and what these candidates act like behind closed doors. While some readers may become even more cynical due to this book, it also shows how regardless of the imperfection…show more content…
Through many people’s personal experience living in a democratic republic and their continued education on the subject, one can begin to wonder just how democratic it is. As one learns how much fore sight is put into each sentence and movement of the politician, one wonders whether or not the whole person and their beliefs are fabricated as well. How can it truly be a democratic election if the people do not even know the true candidates? However, as the character Jack Stanton states in regard to the practices of politicians, “The stuff we do, the craft of it, has developed very slowly and logically over time… you don’t wrench the art of politics away from its roots…” (pg 422- 423). It becomes clear to the reader why these acts of deceit are necessary while Jack Stanton is conversing with Fred Picker. They discuss how the people want a perfect politician, someone who inspires them and can lead the country well. However, people are not perfect in the slightest, the only thing they can do is to have a perfect public image. While this book has shown how many of the candidates are possibly immoral, it also carries hope with it as some people, like Jack Stanton, really want to help the people. However, regardless of the politician 's intentions, the process itself is put into a non-democratic light by Joe…show more content…
Before being nominated for the party as a whole, each candidate had to fight for the position. This lead to the candidates and other politicians in the party to try to manipulate each other or criticize the other publically. We see this with the interaction between Jack Stanton and Lawrence Harris. As Jack states on page 297, “If we can’t build me up… we are going to tear that motherfucker down. I am going to break his fucking back,” (Klein). Many of the candidates feel the same way about the others and wouldn’t hesitate to attack Stanton. This is seen with Charlie Martin when he states in a debate that Jack Stanton is not moral enough to be president. Rather than focusing on who has the best solutions for the country, they try to drag each other through the dirt. Henry Burton and Olivia Holden refuse to let the Stantons use incriminating information about Picker because it would be immoral and Picker seemed to be not in the race for the fame. However, while Picker’s actions seemed anti-political since he openly discussed issues with Stanton without trying to best him, in reality he was in the race for less moral reasons than Stanton. It is no wonder that the interaction with the political party is negative due to the elitism found in the
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