Depression Self Assessment Paper

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In this paper, an experiment was performed to evaluate a small portion of people in each grade level and measure the level of risk they have for becoming depressed. Showing the trends of the amount of depression symptoms shown and the different common answers that were listed when the students took the test. There is a trend between the grades and how many kids are at a higher risk of being depressed. This essay will also show the methods that were used to collect the information and the different tools/ways used to record all the information. There will also be tables and/or graphs used to represent the data that has been collected. Charts and graphs will be made using Microsoft Excel. Either a pie chart or a simple table will list the names of the participants, the number of animals they saw within the blot tests, and the common other answers that were given. …show more content…

Depending on the different answers, it showed this different risk levels to each student and their chance to become depressed. The Psychologist Hermann Rorschach discovered that when people responded to seeing more animals in the inkblot tests, they had a greater chance of becoming or suffering from depression. His other discovery was that the form of an interpretive test, could be used to help diagnose psychological disorders. But in this essay, the results were only to track the number of animals that the students depicted from each blot. A website that had similar blot tests to the ones done by Rorschach, and used that data to determine results. The website ten different images it asked students to respond to. At the end, the numbers of animal like answers were recorded in a table and was

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