Descriptive Architecture Essay

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Architecture has the ability to remark and reflect any region, give a feeling and a sense of a place, and present thoughts and creativity. Across the world, especially in the United States, there are many cities that are distinguished by its architecture and unique styles: Skyscrapers define New York City’ skyline; San Francisco’s mixture of Victorian and modern colored houses; New Orleans’ iconic Creole townhouses; and Miami’s modernist architecture. Los Angeles, San Diego and some of the cities in the same region are no different from the previous appreciable cities all around America. These cities are located in the state of California which is on the West Coast. They share some significant architectural characteristics in buildings and residences, such as terracotta roof tiles, courtyards or patios, stucco walls, round arches, arcades, cast concrete ornaments, and glazed decorative tiles in interiors. The characteristics actually illustrate these cities’ landscape, especially in San Diego. This kind of style is called the Spanish-Colonial Revival. The Spanish Colonial Revival is a hybrid style derive from Spanish Colonial architecture. It is a combination of details from various styles such as, Spanish Baroque, Moorish Revival, Churrigueresque; which is a Spanish approach of architectural decoration on the façade of buildings. It aroused in San Diego, during the Panama-California Exposition 1915 by architect Bertram Goodhue. “The exposition took
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