Descriptive Essay: Life In Nederland

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I live in a small town in the mountains outside of Boulder, called Nederland. Nederland is a beautiful area with many great qualities. However, living in Nederland presents some struggles, including the long, hard winters, the wildfires, and the separation from a bigger city with more activities and available resources. It is difficult to overcome a struggle of where you live; however, I try to make the best of it and manage the problems as much as I can.
Winter in most areas is about four months long, but in Nederland, it snows for six months out of the year. With the longer winter comes more snow management and sometimes difficulty getting around. My driveway needs to be snow blown and shoveled every time there is a storm, which is a lot …show more content…

Fire travels easiest uphill, with the assistance of wind and dead, dry plants to fuel it, so the windy hills with lots of pine beetle kill in Nederland are a prime environment for a fire. Just this July, the Cold Springs fire was close enough to our house that we had to prepare to evacuate and pack most of our belongings. Also, in 2010, we nearly evacuated for the nearby Peewink fire. My
Oxnard 2 family and I try to overcome this by having an evacuation plan and mitigating around our house so we have less to worry about when a fire threatens our house. Nederland is a thirty minute drive from Boulder. This means I’m half an hour away from school, as well as from necessary stores, other activities, and most of my friends. My mom and I commute an hour everyday to school and work, which also uses a lot of gas. However, this a good time for me to complete the practice necessary in order to get my license. I attempt to overcome this struggle by often riding the bus in order to get to school or visit friends. Long winters, wildfire, and distance from necessities are some of the difficulties we signed up for when we moved to Nederland. At the same time, Nederland is a great small town for outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. So, I try to overcome the hassle of living in the mountains and make the best of

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