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Every since cars have been produced, certain designs have had a lasting impact on society. The Mustang for instance is one of the most widely recognized vehicle designs in the world. A car design that had an impact on society years ago is called a classic car. Not all old cars are considered classics. The definition of a classic car can have different meanings. There is not one definition of a classic car, because many people have different cars they like and don’t like. The main criteria of a classic car are it has to be in as good of shape as when it rolled out of the factory. A classic car also has to be worth money, and according to NSM Insurance Groups needs to be older than twenty years. The car 's design must also have had left an impact in the car world. Many of the American made classic cars came from three manufactures; Chevy, Ford, and Dodge. The Chevy Motor Company during the fifties and sixties produced many classic cars. The Camaro, Impala, Nomad, and Bel air are some pretty well known classics they produced. The first generation Chevy Camaro is special to me. My dad’s first car was a 1968 Chevy Camaro. He bought the car in seventh grade for four hundred dollars. Over the years my dad kept his car at my grandparent’s shop, always telling my brother and I that he would fix it up to its formal glory. This past year he finally pulled the trigger and sent it off to a shop to start the restoration process. When he gets the car back its going to once again be a

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