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3. GREEN BEACH BOWL/BALI CLIFF Beach Green Bowl is also known as the coast of Bali Cliff because its location was far below the cliff. In addition, this beach is one of the hidden beach owned by the island of Bali. No one indeed if the beach Green Bowl dubbed as one of the hidden beach in Bali. The beach is very quiet, Green Bowl Beach is a beach located in the southern part of the island of Bali. And much of the landscape of the southern part of the island of Bali is in the form of the hills. Automatic Bowl Green Coast better known because of its good waves is located at the bottom of the Hill. Beach Green Bowl has a beautiful coral reefs, the waves are big enough, and a very clean sea water with a blue-green color. Indeed Besides good waves…show more content…
Lots of tourists who came carrying surfboards. The waves are great and quite challenging is very suitable for professional surfers. You can surf since morning to late afternoon, that day until 15.00 PM. As for You lovers of the sport of surf amateur, very not recommended for surfing here. Third, with a high level of privacy. The location of the beach which is located behind a hill and difficult visit, make this area perfect for sunbathing. Solitude-covered lush trees will provide privacy to the "sunbather". For those of you who want to relax, Sun could try on the beach while you feel the sensation of sunbathing on the private beach. Located behind the Hill and covered in shadowy trees, make this beach a lot used as a location for foreign tourists sunbathing. The third special case above is the excess Green Bowl Beach than anywhere else. Beach Green Bowl has a beauty that is not less interesting than the other Bali beaches. It has soft white sand, blue sea water crystal clear, complete with coral rock stand firmly. The waves on the Beach also belongs to big, so it can be used as a location for

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