Race Horse Training Essay

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Racehorse Trainer
Patience, love and commitment is needed to train these amazing horses, so be prepared and you’ll see and learn that the most and satisfying animals can be skillfully with the help of clever trainers. So let’s get ready to hurtle around, because there is no fooling around in this job. Now let’s make these anxious mare/colt gallop in this early cool sunrise (Clip-Clop, Clip-Clop). Adjust those bridles and halters, just be prepared because those horses don’t always wake up to a good mood (Neigh, Neigh).
As you begin in learning about being a expert racehorse trainer you have to have some expert skills to train your horse. A trainer is responsible in teaching there horse excellent performance. Have good communication skills, to be able to communicate with the equine
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Well consider this the higher the position you are set to the higher the salary you receive. It is not needed to have a college degree to be a horse trainer but to be an equestrian studies program are needed if you have a passion towards these animals, you should know that these animals are sensitive animals to be trained, exercised and groomed. As an equestrian major, you will need to learn to meet these needs. You are capable of learning to breed these amazing animals, to teach riding and/or dressage. Facility management, equine behavior, equine nutrition and equine disease. But before all that good fun stuff, you start from the bottom which would be feeding, cleaning, grooming and soon enough make your way to the top with riding, training, and dressage. But no need to worry like I’ve said before you don’t need a college diploma/degree. You can learn by what’s called on-the-job training you’ll start off like an equine/apprenticeship from the bottom and work your way to the top. But one thing for sure your salary won’t be as high as those who do show proof of an diploma/degree, from those who don’t show any proof of any such college

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