I Want To Become A Veterinarian

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I am interested in becoming a veterinarian because I would like to work with animals. This choice of becoming a veterinarian developed when I was 12. It all started when I cured my pet. In order to become a Veterinarian you must have a Bachelor 's degree at a four year college before moving into veterinarian medicine school.
The educational path to become a veterinarian would be graduating high school then attending college and into medicine school. The educational diploma is approximately 18,000. The top five skills you need to have are having patience, must have attended a 4 year college, have gone into medicine school, must care about them, and need to treat them the right way.
The career pay is 18,000. The annual breakdown is 3,300. Monthly breakdown 1,500. Biweekly breakdown is 900. Weekly is 600. Daily is 500. Hourly is 100. The hours per week required in being a veterinarian is 40- 50 hours. There is an expense report. Some challenges are staying calm, paying attention to what I 'm going, and doing the very best I can in everything no matter what it is. …show more content…

Skills required bachelor 's degree. Salary 18,000. Travel sometimes when needed. Challenges staying calm and put. There are not any other careers I would consider in being for now at this moment. I still want to become a veterinarian.
For now I still want to keep studying to become a veterinarian. I want to see how far I can get. I want to go into college and keep studing for this career. I 'm looking forward to keep going on an graduating from high school then going into college and afterwards going to medicine school for

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