The Negative Consequences Of Horse Racing

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Horse racing is a highly controversial topic in the equestrian world. Many people find horse racing as a great form of entertainment, while others see it as borderline abusive to the horse. Personally, I agree with the latter statement.

Racehorses typically start their training at just 1 year old. Racing is very physically demanding for the horse, and yearlings are still not fully developed. Extensive physical work at such a young age often leads to joint problems as an older horse, and even extreme physical damage as a young horse. Hundreds of horses die every year from racing-related injuries alone. 4 year-old filly Premedya died last year at the Preakness Stake from a fatal fracture to her leg. Another famous racehorse, Homeboykris, died from a heart attack on the same day. His heart attack was a result of competing in 63 races, an extremely high number. Instead of treating potential injuries, racehorse owners opt …show more content…

Eight Belles raced in the Kentucky Derby, and flew across the finish line in second place. However, due to the heavy physical work at such a young age, both of her ankles shattered moments after she crossed the finish line. Due to the Kentucky Derby being covered on national television, people began to see that horse racing isn’t all glamour.

After mourning the loss of many young horses, I have come to the conclusion that the horse racing industry is corrupt. When working with horses, the number one priority should be the safety of the horse, but in the racing industry, it is winning. When prize money and champion titles are valued over a life, I have a serious problem with it. Racing can be a fun and safe sport if the horses are properly and naturally cared for, are started at a mature age, and only compete in a healthy number of races. Sadly, however, today’s racing industry kills many horses and only values winning instead of the sport

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