Destruction In The Kite Runner

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When people think about Afghanistan, war, violence, and destruction usually come to mind, but there are Afghan citizens who still have hope in their country. Influential author Khaled Hosseini, who is endeared and respected by readers all over the world, has portrayed the destruction in Afghanistan through his own eyes in his novels. A true humanitarian, Hosseini is a man of the people, raising awareness for Afghanistan, working as a doctor, and being an active goodwill envoy. He was even named Humanitarian of the Year in 2006 for his devotion to helping refugees, such as the Sudanese, and The Kite Runner’s overall impact on the world, showing the distressed lives of Afghan citizens. Doctor, goodwill envoy, and author, Khaled Hosseini, is known …show more content…

His mom, a Persian literature teacher, and his dad, an Afghan diplomat, had Hosseini and four other siblings in the Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul. Here, the Hosseini family lived for five years and during this time Khaled Hosseini flew kites and enjoyed watching American and Indian movies. Also during his childhood, Hosseini read Persian poetry, sparking his love for writing (American Academy of Achievement). In 1970, as Hosseini turned five, the Foreign Ministry relocated his family to Iran for his father’s work. After only three years of being in Iran, the Hosseinis moved back to Kabul. However, Afghanistan was not the same country Khaled Hosseini remembered when they left. The Afghan Monarchy was just overthrown and a new president took position over Hosseini's homeland, causing chaos in Afghanistan. To save his family from the awful times about to occur in Afghanistan, Khaled Hosseini’s father moved the family to France, where he could continue to work ("Khaled Hosseini"). Years passed and in 1980, when Hosseini was fifteen years old, his family requested asylum in the United States. Their plea was accepted and Hosseini, along with his parents and siblings, ended up in San Jose, California (Radio Free Europe/Radio …show more content…

Hosseini comments, “...for me, I think the adjustment was difficult because of my age when we moved. But I think it was an even more difficult adjustment for my parents to be uprooted and to have lost everything,” (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty). Hosseini’s parents struggled their first years in the United States. Work was difficult to find, and they relied mainly on welfare ("Khaled Hosseini"). As Hosseini’s parents endured their challenges, Khaled Hosseini focused on getting an education. He enrolled in Independence High School, knowing very little English, but by the time graduation came, he was fluent (American Academy of Achievement). Hosseini then attended Santa Clara University in California where he studied biology and earned a bachelor’s degree in the subject. To further his education, he earned a medical degree from the University of California San Diego and finished his residency at LA Cedars-Sinai Hospital ("Khaled Hosseini"). Khaled Hosseini became a doctor and stayed in California to pursue his

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