Determinism Vs Compatibilism

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I never think about whether I have free will or not before . Every time I made a decision, I took it for granted. I thought what I thought was right and I did not doubt my decisions. Because it was my own decisions. I was confident about my decisions, which did not mean that I did not contemplate; I thought about things outside my mind but not my ability to think freely and act freely. I In terms of free will, there is a dispute between determinists, metaphysical libertarian, and compatibilists. Determinists states that people have no free will as there is a cause and effect relationship between two event, while metaphysical libertarian argues that people do have free will because they feel free to make a decision by following their will. With…show more content…
They say free will is compatible with determinism. Immanuel Kant is one of those compatibilistic philosophers. He thought that neither determinism and free will are not real, but they “are a priori folders in our head to help us make sense of world” (lecture 13). In his opinion, people have both physical beings and conscious beings; the physical beings are determined and the conscious beings are free. People must have free will so they can maintain morality. “The notion of free will is indispensable to our choosing, deciding, and judging...This is the case with our apprehension of the ‘moral law’...Before any act I should ask myself: Would I approve if all men do this? Any action that can be universalized can be accepted as ethical” (p247 text). Without free will, people will lose the capacity to abide by “moral…show more content…
Determinists say “every action is determined by prior events”, and metaphysical libertarian argue that “people are free and morally responsible”; compatibilists join in the debate and interpose, “Free will is not at odds with determinism” (lecture 13). No matter what, I hope people have free will. I still think what I think and act as I think. I still doubt things outside my mind but not my ability to think freely and act freely. As D.H. Law Lawrence puts it, “Men are freest when they are most unconscious of freedom” (p256 text). Or we can say that men are are freest when they are most unconscious of whether they are determined or they have free
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