Detroit: A Narrative Analysis

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In ethology (the science of animal behavior), territory is the sociographical area that an animal of a particular species consistently defends against other members of its own species (or, occasionally, animals of other species). Animals that defend territories in this way are referred to as territorial. Territories are defended to protect resources. Some animals defend their territory by fighting invaders. Most animals use threatening behaviors, either through vocalizations, smells, or visual displays, to send warnings to potential invaders. Many animals mark their territories by spraying urine around the territories ' borders. The vocal and scent warnings are sometimes ignored, and an intruder may breach a territorial boundary. Warnings…show more content…
The war had made the United States the banker for all the other nations. Businesses and Manufacturers were able to push and expand their companies and products to unseen levels of growth and development because funding backed by investment houses such as JP Morgan. Detroit was defined as “financial” by Kevin Boyle.(Kevin Boyle pg 3) In the outskirts of detroit Henry Ford was building an automobile factory large enough to employ all of Nashville or Norfolk. Detroit 's leading retailer, J. L. Hudson, began construction of a store twenty-one stories high making it the world 's tallest building at the time.(Kevin Boyle pg 3) The migrants grew increasingly excited as they watched theses buildings being constructed into the skies. The war slowed the mass migration from Europe, but also it launched the Great Migration of Negroes from the south into the metropolitan area. There were fifty-seven hundred blacks living in Detroit in 1910. Fifteen years later, Detroit had eighty-one thousand colored citizens.(Kevin Boyle pg 4) Most of the colored citizens could not read and write.(Kevin Boyle pg 4) The new immigrants took many of the factory jobs for low wages. The educated took jobs like businessmen, teachers, doctors, and…show more content…
The natives reaction to the immigrants were like the animals trying to mark and defend their territory. The Irish, jewish and black immigrants were all viewed as outsiders by the native whites. The whites had a great thing going living in the city 's. Territoriality is used to protect a healthy population from the threat to the continued success of the healthy population by protecting the resources necessary to survival of the healthy population. “The study of social behaviors such as territoriality in animals may help us also to understand human society, and to learn how individual behavior affects human populations.” ( Territorial animals actively defend the area in which they live and more importantly on which they depend for resources. If the animal doesn 't advertise its ownership and defend it from members of its own species, it isn 't territorial. Often, advertising takes the form of scent marking the territory boundaries as a clear marker for others to stay away. Challenges and disputes can be resolved in a number of ways, not always

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