Detroit Experience Research Paper

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Detroit Experience Paper

Being immersed into the inner city is something not only urban ministry majors should experience, but all Christ followers. The many things we experienced during the weekend taught me a lot and helped further prepare me for my own ministry in an urban setting. Experiences such as the charter school, Beast of the Beats, CDC, talking to a homosexual pastor, and Tabernacle Revival Church made me feel a wide mix of emotions. Many times during the trip I felt so confirmed that this is I am suppose to focus my work for the Lord. On the contrary, there were times I wondered what I am getting myself into. Voyagers, charter school in Detroit, blew my expectations out of the water. I have to admit I was imagining going into a crumpling building, to be patted down at the door for weapons, and teachers that babysat instead of teaching there students. Although this may be the case for most of the Detroit Public Schools, Voyagers and their staff do an exceptional job preparing and equipping their students. …show more content…

I was very impressed and taken back that John would twirl each girl into the classroom, and would shake every boys hand. I thought that was brilliant because he is showing these little girls they are precious princesses, and teaching these boys young what respect is. His impressive interactions of the students gladly did not stop there. Every Thursday and Friday Joe does a segment called “Speak Life.” Joe was teaching his students phrases and a lifestyle from the Bible, without even telling his students. One day some of these students will get the opportunity to meet Christ and they will reflect on their music class in elementary school and realize Mr. Vercillino taught them the Bible before they even knew it. Now that is ministry, being a light and an example to God’s precious

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