Devastating Effects Of The Great Depression In The Film Cinderella Man

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1.Give and explain 2 examples from each movie (four total) of the devastating effects of the Great depression on ordinary people. The devastating effects of the great depression represented in the film Cinderella Man is how people had to wait by the docks and see if you'd get called for work or get a job that day. Another was a “hoovervilles” it showed how bad things really were for the everyday man and his family. In seabiscuit the Red’s family had to give Red up because they couldn’t afford to have that many children. It also depicted how the American people’s high came down after the party age of the 1920’s. The Great Depression jolted everyone back into the reality of this horrible circumstance. How is Red Pollard (in Seabiscuit) specifically …show more content…

Braddock (Cinderella Man) specifically affected by the Great Depression? James Braddock was specifically affected by the great depression in the following ways. He did not have steady work as a boxer due to his losing streaks and he even got his boxing license revoked. His work on the docks was minimal at best and he did not having steady work like most people at this time. How were Braddock and Seabiscuit (the horse) physically challenged (handicaps) to work and survive the Great Depression? Even though they both had injuries they pushed through the best that they possibly could and succeeded in their ventures. For instance, Jimmy pushed through his broken hand and kept working on the docks and fought in his fights. Seabiscuit had an injury even before he was a race horse but in the end he was a fantastic race horse. In the end no one gave up; because giving up was not an option. What lesson or lessons do the lives of James J. Braddock and Seabiscuit (the horse) teach? The lessons that James Braddock and Seabiscuit teach us is that if you work hard enough you will find a way no matter how difficult the circumstances might be. For instance, not even the troubling time of the depression can stop you or get in the way of your drive to succeed. You just have to believe that in the end that is all you can do when you have nothing. You have to trust that you can get through these hard

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