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How did the Renaissance lead to the development of the Modern State
The Renaissance influenced the creation of the modern era, The Renaissance was a time where Europe revisited and reinvigorate. The Renaissance in Europe expanded from the 14th century to the 16th and it was the time of major social, culture, political and economic changes. This time stands by resurgence of art, architecture, literature, science and philosophy. It was an era in which stood out the creativity, innovation and imagination (Leinhard). The Renaissance began in Italy which was composed of a number of independent States governed by powerful families and then it expanded to Spain, France and England. The European history can be mainly divided into three eras, the classical …show more content…

As I had described Renaissance does revive, and give a new thrust and new momentum to Europe. Many parts of Europe passed through Renaissance periods between the end of the Middle Ages and the modern age, however not all were the same and they were different from one to another since they not happened exactly at the same time or in the same way. This is why we talk about the Italian Renaissance, the French Renaissance, the Spanish Renaissance and the English Renaissance. In Spain it refers to a movement that comes from the Italian Renaissance and was extended during the 15th and 16th centuries. The year 1942 is considered as the beginning of the Renaissance in Spain since it is influenced by the discovery of America as a historical event. In Spain there was a new focus on literature, art, science, history and religion inspired by classical antiquity. The French Renaissance occurs between 15th to 17th centuries. The artistic and cultural movement highlights humanism and the exploration of the new world. They also developed new technique in printing, architecture, painting, sculpture, music, science and literature and established new rules for social behavior. The English Renaissance saw no development until the 17th century and it was also a cultural and artistic movement. The ideas of the …show more content…

Now I will to refer to the most notable changes experienced during the Renaissance and that leads to the establishment of the modern age. The most notable are given in art, architecture, literature, philosophy and science. New trends and much more fresh styles that are inspired by the ancient history of Europe emerge in all of them. In art during the Renaissance different from the middle ages, much more importance was given on symbolism than reality; the painters begin to represent the human form and the human anatomy. The pioneer on this was the Supreme Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci. In literature, the Renaissance was a time of great changes, the topics focused on characteristics and human behavior and moved away from the religious and metaphysical topics. Many new artist arose like Niccolo Machiavelli and Erasmus who write challenge and was very critical the Catholic Church (Famous People of the Renaissance). During the Renaissance one of the major issues was the invention of the printing press. It gives an access to the information the public in general so that they had the opportunity to read and educate them better. Philosophy has new ways of thinking; it focused was much more human. During the middle ages the Catholic Church influenced the way of thinking

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