Dialectical Journal For One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Bailey Rausch Freed English 3 September 29, 2014 One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Journal 3 This section of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest starts out with Harding’s wife making a surprise visit to the ward. Harding’s wife comes into visit while the ward is at the library. Harding and his wife don’t get along very well and when she asked Harding for a cigarette, he didn’t have one so she became very angry at him. Well McMurphy see this happening and goes to offer her a cigarette. She accepts it and then leaves. When Harding asked McMurphy what he thought of her he said “She’s got one hell of a set of chabobs, Big as Old Lady Ratched’s” (Kesey 159). This made Harding very upset with McMurphy. Then the patients are taken to another building …show more content…

This part is very significant because through the breaking of the window, McMurphy is trying to tell the other patients that even though Nurse Ratched has control and power over them that they can try and break that power. Basically what it is saying is yes Nurse Ratched does have power over them but if they know that some things can upset her then they can try and break her power which means her power would be overtaken by the patients. We also see that McMurphy does all these things to bother Ratched but this also exhausts himself too. His humanity is a good thing but it can make him very run down and become weak, letting Ratched get the power back. I think this is significant because it means just because someone has power over you doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion. Too many people think that they are belittled because someone else has power over them but they can still be strong too. This also teaches us that even if you are trying your hardest to help others and make things the best for everyone it can be very hard on the person trying to help others and they were very strong and brave but all the humanity can end up leaving the weak and unable to help others

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