The Myth Of Street Style Analysis

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Much skepticism had been made about what a unique sense of style is. In order to gain a unique sense of street style, one needs to gain an ample amount of self-confidence, knowledge of personal interests and a clear understanding of the term “street style”. In the essay “ The Myth of Street Style”, the phrase “street style” is Present in multiple sites, ranging from magazines, exhibitions, blogs, academic texts, and in popular parlance; its association with quirky individuality is one that arises out of its own mythologized and popularized histories. (Woodward 83) In order for you to achieve the goal in obtaining a unique street style, I have organized this paper in three main sections and two of which with sub-sections. The first section is …show more content…

It could easily turn your outfit into mainstream fashion if you purchase the garment without thinking. Therefore, what is deemed as vintage? From the essay “Hooked on vintage!” it states that “vintage usually involves the recognition of a special type or model, and knowing and appreciating such specifics as year of period when produced or worn” (DeLong et al. 23). Therefore, anything shorter than twenty years or more than a hundred years is not deemed as vintage. Knowing the background of a vintage shop is essential, as it will defer from a charity and second-hand shop. The importance of having knowledge of what to purchase helps you to be less overwhelmed when you visit a vintage shop from time to …show more content…

There is much debate on the authenticity of an outfit when both elements are involved. By incorporating a high street, fast fashion garment like TopShop into your outfit is deemed as ordinary with little to no creativity involved as the brand itself is deemed as mainstream. The essay “The Myth of Street Style” states that: Current street style is still conceptualized in terms of the same core duality: the innovations of subcultures (which is now alleged to have given way to the creativity of individuals) is defined in opposition to the mainstream, which is seen as sterile and conformist, frequented by unimaginative fashion victims. (Woodward 88) At this point, you might ask if staying on trend is essential, and it is obvious that keeping your style unique and modern is necessary. By staying modern, you could keep up with simple trends like, silhouette, colors and proportion that do not affect your unique style. For example, the color burgundy is currently in trend, you could create an outfit with the garments that might have burgundy in

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