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The personal project I am presenting is upon the fashion and clothing industry of the world. My project is based upon extensive research from various online websites about how designers came about to becoming famously known, the process of manufacturing clothing, and the culture behind what is New York City streetwear. This is a topic I understand the most. My whole life is based upon the fashion industry, and to do my personal project on it just seemed right. The goal for my project was to actually make my ideas come to life. I did in fact already have some background knowledge upon the fashion industry where I helped friends of mine come up with either logos or graphic prints on clothing and make a profit out of it. For example…show more content…
I started of by understanding what the fashion industry and culture is like and ended of by creating my very own shirt, which I am happy to say I am very proud of. The shirt resembles my personality which also refers back to my global context which is personal and cultural expression. The tshirt that I designed is my personal expression which is a great way to conclude my personal project. I feel like my criteria was we managed and adequate. Since my topic was upon fashion, culture, and creative thinking, the criterias I came up with resembles quite accurately within my topics. My journal entries were probably the easiest part of the whole process of the project. All I had to have done was record probably once a week what I had done and the good or bad that was going on within the project. The journals were not a difficult process at all because you can 't be right or wrong within the journals. They are their to not just be a grade on for the personal project, but also to help organize all the research and data collected during the process of the project. I was able to upload photos and give my step to step process on what I was currently doing to reach the final point of the project. The journals are also in chronological order which is also helpful. The only frustrating part is the layout of ManageBac because sometimes my journals would get…show more content…
The finished product, which is the t shirt itself, was a huge success. I absolutely felt this really does express my personality and the quality was just right. What I would have done differently was include my own tag onto the shirt. For example the shirt I designed, I ordered it as a size medium, so if I was able to design the tag of the shirt, it would have the brand logo on it and the sizing tag. The product honestly looks astonishing, its something I would wear or see people in New York wearing on the streets of SoHo. Also, the way I graphically designed my shirt can relate to some of other clothing pieces that are in the high fashion market of today. The design falls into a gothic and fashionable category which is what I was in fact going for. Vintage rock shirts and distressing is really a essential in one 's closet and this clothing piece that ive designed would fit perfectly. Completing my personal project was a great learning experience. I understood how complicated the fashion industry is and what are some of the positives and negatives of the culture. The streetwear culture isn 't just a hobby, people make a living off of it. Hundreds of people line up and stay for 12 hours overnight on line just to purchase a clothing piece from a specific popular brand. My final product also corresponds with my global context because of personal and cultural expression. I

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