Diction In The Kite Runner

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Kite Runner Literary Analysis Essay Life does not always make it easy for people. It sure did not go easy on Amir and his family. His family dealt with death, secret affairs, betrayal just to name a few. In the Kite runner many awful event happened throughout the book that together made the book very morbid and negative. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the awful event that Amir suffers through that change him, the change in Afghanistan from when Amir leave and then return and the morbid style of diction all show a theme that negativity and sad are used greatly to drive the plot of the story. The awful events that have happened to Amir throughout his life have led to him greatly changing both his personality and his emotional state. Form …show more content…

Throughout the book great detail and vocabulary is used to describe every setting and situation. The place and moments of beauty and happiness are described very nicely but there is always an underlying sense of darkness. In many specific part in the book, like the description of the new Afghanistan when Amir finally returns to Kabul, everything described negatively. Like when Amir narrates “I saw a dead body near the restaurant...A young man dangled from the end of a rope tied to a beam, his face puffy and blue, the clothes he’d worn on the last day of his life shredded, bloody. Hardly anyone seemed to notice him” (pg. 240 online).This description could have been dwindled down to just talk about the fact that there was a dead body, but instead Amir goes into great detail to describe and paint a picture of what the body looked like. Hosseini constantly to uses these moments to go into detail to show that negativity is key to the story. In many these cases something major happens to Amir and it cause him to change or have a realization so it furthers the text and the plot line. Throughout The Kite Runner Hosseini uses the awful things that happen to Amir, the surprising changes that Afghanistan suffers through and morbid diction to show the theme of negativity that drive the plot. Amir suffers through many hardships in his life and makes many mistakes along the way he becomes a better and stronger person. Hosseini describes and talks about the changes in Afghanistan along with the morbid style of diction to really show how negativity guides the

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