Did George Washington Create Tension Between Colonial America And Great Britain

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Colonial America and Great Britain had a rocky relationship. Some colonists liked the British authority over America. Many disliked the way the crown treated the colonies. Many colonists boycotted British products to protest against Great Britain’s rule. The many acts Britain put on to the colonists justified the boycotting of British products.The British making taxes on newspapers and pamphlets led colonists to anger. The King should not have made the Americans house troops in their homes. Great Britain imposing the intolerable act on America created outrage and anger among the colonists. The tight British control on the colonies led the American colonists to want independence. The colonists were angry that they were being taxed with representation in Parliament. Document 6 illustrates the protests that took place as a result of the imposing of the Stamp Act. In Document 3 George Washington expresses his opinion on Great Britain taxing the colonists. He …show more content…

In Document 5 it writes, “His majesty hereby requires the people to house and quarter the officers and soldiers in barracks provided by the colonies.” The author’s Colonists felt this act was unfair. Colonists already had their own families to take care of and now they had to take care of troops. All the colonists had responsibilities they had to tend to and taking care of troops added another to their list. Many colonists didn’t even want the British troops in colonial America. Having to house troops they did not want in their homes and colonies was frustrating. Some colonial assemblies refused to pay for quartering troops. In fact, only New York and Pennsylvania were the only colonies to actually comply with the quartering acts. This shows the resistance made by the colonists. The colonists felt the troops were not necessary since the French and Indian War was over and they did not need protection

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