Cause Of The Boston Massacre

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Have you ever wanted to know what really happened in the Boston Massacre. It all started in Boston one fateful day. The British came to Boston and the people of Boston were not happy about it. By examining the boston massacre and the causes of it, It is clear that this was an important part in the revolutionary war. the Boston Massacre was that many of the colonist were upset by the fact that they had to share a house with a british soldier. This was called the quartering act. This was a start up leading to the Boston Massacre.Eventually the colonist didn 't like the fact that they had to share a house with a british soldier and so they said that they were done with them being in their houses. So one night the british decided to set up the …show more content…

Now he is the one that got arrested for murder. So he goes to court and gets put in jail till a later notice. He did happen to have another court date on one of his soldiers that fired into the crowd. He got sentenced for murder. Later on October 24 captain Thomas Preston had a court date. This court date stated the 24th and ended the 30th.Finally on his last court date he got claimed not guilty. The judge just said that it was all a misunderstanding of one of the british soldiers and the captain. Then finally, the collins had enough. One snowy night in town square there stood the british. The colonist were so mad that they started to throw stuff. Snowballs,trash, etc... the british were starting to get really mad. But captain Thomas Preston said “HOLD YOUR FIRE”?.But solider Hugh Montgomery fired a shot, and everyone freaked out.captain Preston kept saying hold your fire,but it was too late. Everybody was already going crazy till everything went silent.People were injured and dead. People were devastated loved ones dead. Nobody really knows what happened after this we believe that 5 people died and 7 were injured. After the boston massacre came even more taxes are boycotts of british goods. After this event also came the boston tea party. In this event colonist came dressed as mohawks and poured tea overboard from the ship that it was on. This was actually a form of protestation against british

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