Reasons For The Boston Massacre

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The colonials were upset because of ridiculous taxing, which imposed by the British government. The colonist’s response to the situation was boycotting the goods. And so the British government dispatched thousand of troops in Boston, which created a tension between the colonists and the military. On March 5, 1770, the British troops gathered at the custom house in order to protect it. There was a strong resentment in the crowd, as they harassed the troops. Someone in the regiment got panicked and started to fire back at the colonists. John Adams has described that the mob of Boston men were a bunch of angry and insolent men toward the troops.. Furthermore, the colonists was yelling, threatening and throwing everything they could find at the British soldiers …show more content…

According to the article, Preston has tried to avoid unnessesary conflict between the colonist and his troops. He wanted everyone to leave in peace. However, one of Preston’s soldier did not obey his command and started to fire at the mobs. As the result, Preston is responsible for death in the Boston Massacre. Preston’s indecisive actions have indirectly led to the uprising of Colonies. In my opinions, John Adams’s decision was right when he defended Thomas Preston and his soldiers. I would rather stay away from conflicts with the parliaments and British

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