The Boston Massacre Was The Cause And Effect Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution:

The American Revolution started between the British and the thirteen colonies of the United States of America, and was called the American war. The British were the ones to start it.
The British brought unwanted laws and regulations into the colonies, which angered the colonists. The colonists felt that these laws and taxes were violating their rights because they had no say or vote in deciding them. The Boston Massacre was the first huge conflict between the colonists and the British. In the massacre, the British soldiers shot down several colonists provoking the start of the American Revolution.

The Boston massacre caused a rise in the American Revolution because it was a random outburst of violence shown by British troops. The Boston was not the only reason for the American Revolution but the unfair laws enforced on the colonies by the British government such as adding taxes to goods. …show more content…

The news of the bloodshed rockets along the eastern seaboard, and thousands of volunteers converge on Cambridge, Mass. These are the beginnings of the Continental Army.

The major effect of the American Revolution was, that the United States became an independent nation. This was important to the Americans living at the time and it has become even more important over the years as the US has become the major power in the world

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