Difference Between Fate And Fate

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IN a life man has to take decisions and they have to choose between right and wrong. But it is also true that what is to going to happen and what will happen is in not man hand but he can the situation through hard work. There is a distinguish between a choice which s made by free will or a choice which s going to be made is influence by fate or chance. Fate is determined and things are generally believed to come and it will happen because it is written already. And all lifelong events are predestined. Destiny is based on fate because whatever fate is doing to human life it will definitely lead to the destiny of life. The idea about the fate and destiny causes inactivity and it stopping the man from all forms of effort to improve and to progress in his life. It s well known that when a individual fail to reach his goals for whatever reason, they began to console him or herself on blaming the luck or fate or they considered that it is the chance which take them to the particular stage. Belief in destiny and fate does not prevent a person to reach its goal. Human will and freedom of the man and the belief of the fate are two different things. A free active man actually makes his own destiny to reach its point and believing in fate make person to think that whatever is happing in my life is not in my hand. Actually life has shown to man a path of his life and he is free to choose the right path so is no believe of fate whatever is happing is in man’s hand. In actual Fate is the
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