Difference Between Social Justice And Restorative Justice

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When talking about social conflict, critical criminology and restorative justice there is a lot to cover due to how in-depth each topic covers from it being the Branches of critical theory. Social conflict is the struggle for agency or power in society. Social conflict or group conflict occurs when two or more actors oppose each other in social interaction, reciprocally exerting social power in an effort to attain scarce or incompatible goals and prevent the opponent from attaining them. Social conflict shapes contemporary society. Especially in the world that we live in it shapes political, social and economic development in the world. In the book called Criminology the source by Larry J. Siegel it was stated that social conflict can be distracted when it leads…show more content…
Restorative justice in criminal justice Some of the early justice system involvement with restorative justice came in police stations, particularly where cautioning is used as a response to crime and juvenile offending. Restorative justice is increasingly visible in courtrooms around the world. Prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys make use of it. Probation officers are often involved in its implementation or monitoring. There are a number of restorative initiatives taking place in prisons. Some relate to the victim-offender relationship. Others to conflict resolution among prisoners. Still others to the operation of prisons themselves. Victims are said to be central to restorative justice, but most restorative justice programs take place in the context of the offender-centered criminal justice system. We have resources on how to support victims and on how to treat them with respect. They have made an ongoing effort to reduce the conflict created by the criminal justice system when it hands out harsh punishments to
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