Socialism Vs Communism Essay

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What is the difference between Socialism and Communism? Which is closer to Marxism?

Socialism is a political and economic theory that arose in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. It is a theory of social organization which supports the means of production, distribution and exchange should be controlled by the community as a whole. In the period of industrialization, capitalist system started to spread, factory owners became rapid wealthier while workers became poorer, so, reactions in the form of socialist thought increased proportionately. Socialism aimed to close a gap between rich and poor, it disagree with capitalist system because socialism believe that capitalism creates disparity in society. Unlike communism, socialism
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To begin with, communism and socialism first use in French and Italian revolutionary with the same purpose to overthrow the established governments and set up a new propertyless society. Communism and socialism both have the same objective but different in degree. In other word, communism is the extremist version of socialism. To compare, while most governments these days combine free market capitalism and socialists ideas, communism exists in few parts of the world. While communists seeks to completly eliminate capitalists government and support the role of worker in search for equality, socialists seeks to increase public social programs than the private and advocates to reduce class structure instead. Socialists believe that it is not necessary to be in radical way overthrowing capitalist economies. In addition, socialists encourage both government establish and private manufacture, communists believe that all forms of production should come from state and everything belongs to the state. In brief, both communism and socialism have benefits and disadvantages. Neither communism nor socialism is perfect in terms of the form of government or economic system. Both find a route to make the country equality and reject class divisions and much more. Many philosophers have spent a lot of time in their life to determine the best way for society. However, there is no guaranteed solution to solve the problems, in the end, it depends on that country or society to search out their own
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