Differences And Similarities Between Antigone And Creon

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The ancient Athenian Greek era was a time where democracy and order were highly praised and venerated by the upper echelons of society. The court and government ruling was a concept that the Athenians took much pride in. Also, during that time drama and entertainment was the order of the day. Athenians seemed to decompress from their daily hectic lives by attending dramatic and fantasy based plays. One of the most respected writers of ancient Greece was Sophocles. His style was based on celebrating democracy and presenting the dichotomies of the liberties enjoyed by the most fortunate citizens of his country and the tyrannies which oppressed heavily upon the less fortunate. This style seemed to captivate audiences of that time, filling auditoriums and squares across the region.…show more content…
In this drama, the main character, Antigone, goes against the law and defies King Creon, which prohibited proper burial of her brother Polynices in accordance with her religious beliefs. Antigone subsequently was sentenced to death because of her

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