Differences And Similarities Between Florida And Texas

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The legislature of a state often serve as the backbone of a nation. They are the individuals and groups which handle the day to day local responsibilities that keep not only their state functioning but the nation in entirety. However not all legislatures are made equal, just as America is comprised of a sundry of varying cultures and peoples their leaders and how they lead are likely to vary as well. To grasp the differences which may exist between one states legislature to another one may not look any further than comparing them. Two states which serve perfectly for this role are Florida and Texas. Both states are demographically diverse, large in geography, and large in population size. These traits allow for a more accurate representation of how the states are different and how they stack up in similarity. …show more content…

The upper house being the Florida State Senate, and the lower Florida House of Representatives. This system was created and enacted under the Florida constitution, a governing document which traces its origins to 1968. And while Texas has the “same” bicameral system it does differ in one key aspect, term limits. Florida restricts the its house and representatives seats by establishing term limits. A house member is allowed 4 terms at two years per term while senators are permitted 2 terms at four years each. Both states of Florida and Texas are members of 25 states which has adopted a Republican state government trifecta. A trifecta is a reality of governing in which one political party is the majority of senators, mayors, and members in the House of Representatives. “Republicans further cemented their control of state governments in this year’s elections. They will control the governor’s office and both chambers of the state legislature, a governing trifecta, in four more states — Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and New Hampshire.” (Lai et

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