What Are The Similarities Between East Texas And Middle Tennessee

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East Texas is a glorious land full of prideful people, deep fried food, and pine trees; Middle Tennessee is beautiful too with all of the music, hills, and its diverse number of trees. Both regions have many similarities and differences regarding their land and people. East Texas and Middle Tennessee are both beautiful regions, within excellent states, that differ in several characteristics such as geography, culture, and weather.
East Texas is a distinct cultural, geographical, and ecological region of the state of Texas. According to the Handbook of Texas, the East Texas area "may be separated from the rest of Texas roughly by a line extending from the Red River in north central Lamar County southwestward to east central Limestone County …show more content…

Middle Tennessee refers to the 41 counties in the Middle Grand Division of Tennessee. The capitol of Tennessee, Nashville, is in Middle Tennessee and other large cities in the Middle region are Clarksville and Murfreesboro.
The geography of the Middle Tennessee and East Texas regions have both similarities and differences. Both regions have a large amount of substantial bodies of water that contribute to the region in several ways. The vast number of water sources in East Texas and Middle Tennessee contribute to the large amount of wildlife that live in both areas. Both regions also have predominantly white- non hispanic …show more content…

East Texas is flat compared to Middle Tennessee which is full of rolling hills and rugged cliffs. The flat land in East Texas would make for good farm lands, but the abundance of pine trees give out too much acid for good farming soil. Therefore, the areas of East Texas that do not have pine trees are usually used for growing tall grass harvested for hay. The land in Middle Tennessee is good for farming and its main agricultural products are soybeans, cotton, and tobacco. Both Middle Tennessee and East Texas have an extremely large cattle industry, as well.
Both Middle Tennessee and East Texas cultures are very similar. The dominate religion in both regions is Christianity. East Texas and Middle Tennessee have predominantly voted with the Republican Party in recent elections. Texas has consistently voted with the Republican Party since the presidential election in 1980, but Tennessee has only voted Republican consistently since the 2000 election. Both regions also have strong ties to Native American culture, the northern part of East Texas is strongly influenced by the Caddo Mississippian Indians and Middle Tennessee culture is influenced by the Cherokee

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