Differences And Similarities Between The Outsiders And Retort '

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Many people will like someone but know they can never be together. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Chapter 3 is about the relationship between cherry and Ponyboy and how she knows that they will only stay friends. “Retort” by Paul Laurence Dunbar discusses the emotions a boy feels about numerous girls. The dialogue in The Outsiders and the poem “Retort” reveal similarities between the characters’ relationships because they both show that they can never be with the other person. The dialogue in The Outsiders shows the characters’ relationship and how they can never be together. In The Outsiders excerpt it states “It’s not just money. Part of it is, but not all. You greasers have a different set of values. You’re more emotional. We’re sophisticated…” This is significant because this shows that cherry only thinks of Ponyboy as a friend and how she can never be with him. This demonstrates that Cherry, knows that there are too many differences between the two. She is sophisticated, has more money, she finds different value in things, she acts with no emotion towards things, and the fact that their social status are very very different and it will never work out. Just as cherry lets ponyboy know they can never be together the poem “Retort” reveals similar character relationships. …show more content…

In the poem it says “Then my heart spoke out with a right bold air Thou art worse than a fool, O head!” This emphasizes the fact that his head tells him not to fall for a girl but his heart tells him the other wise and as soon as he gets a girl he knows he won't stay with her. The author's intentions was to show that he will jump from girl to girl because he doesn't use his head instead he uses his heart which will lead him to never be with the other person. Just like The Outsiders the poem manages to show how they are similar through character

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