Disadvantages Of CAM Technology

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2.4.3. Advantages of CAD/CAM Technology The advantages of using CAD/CAM technology can be summarized as: 51 1. Applications of new materials – High strength ceramics that are expected to be the new materials for FPDs frameworks have been difficult to process using conventional dental laboratory technologies. Therefore, this challenged to apply CAD/CAM processing. Due to successful use of all-ceramic crowns, all ceramic systems have become a viable treatment option.52 2. Time effectiveness 3. Reduced labour 4. Quality control 2. Patients often experience irritation in, sensitivity in and/or difficulty in cleaning temporized teeth. With this system temporaries become obsolete, thus making uncomfortable and unaesthetic transition times a thing of past. Also, there is diminished chance of bacterial invasion during this phase, decreased pulpal stress resulting from excessive cleaning, drying or trauma, and decreased need for the additional tooth manipulation. 3. It is not always possible for the dentist to create a full arch of precisely parallel preparations. The computer can calculate, design, and build the copings, which can be cemented to yield a well-seating bridge. 4. Scanning an image and viewing it on a computer screen allows the dentist to review the preparation and impression, and make immediate adjustments to the preparation and/or retake the impression if necessary, prior to its being sent to the milling unit or a laboratory. This ensures no calls from a
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