NHS Complementary Therapies

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Complementary therapies are treatments that make up a range of services provided by the NHS. Treatments that are available are acupuncture, aromatherapy, art therapy, chiropractic, herbal medicine and homeopathy. These treatments are offered to patients who may have cancer or other illnesses. These treatments are also used to help maintain one’s health, improving the immune system, sleeping patterns, increasing energy levels and help to depose of toxins. Complementary therapies are not clinically tested but have been used for many years and also most therapists are self employed. Chinese herbal medicine A type of herbal medicine that this provision provides is Chinese herbal medicine. People involved in this field of work carry this type …show more content…

One would see them before going to anyone else about their health problem. This involves people such as doctors, dentists, opticians, pharmacies involved in ones community. NHS main priories is to better patients health, provide organisation to deal with patients health to make sure social work care is available to everyone. …show more content…

The community doctor is the first person to be seen if a person has queries on their health. A majority of the work load is done in the surgery and the GP will also provide home visits for those who need it. GP’s handle patients with psychological, physical and problems concerning with their daily life, they also work with other health organisations such as hospitals and they also ensure that patients are capable and improving their own health. Maintenance of health Involves procedures to ensure good health visiting dentist regularly to avoid diseases relating to death, not only this but brushing with a toothpaste that contains fluoride and using mouthwash. Pharmacies can offer information how to use protection properly for sexual intercourse, also carrying out procedures to check if a patient has any allergies, checking blood and blood pressure and checking cholesterol levels. Consuming a diet rich in vegetables and no consumption of exercise, alcohol and no smoking which can enhance AMD (age related macular degeneration). Prevention of ill health and health

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