Disadvantages Of White Box Testing

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1.2.1 Black Box Testing in Database Testing
This type of testing does not require any knowledge of the internal working of the application for the tester as there is no need to access the source code of application and the tester is oblivious to the software architecture. Basically, while performing black-box testing, a tester will only interact with the user interface of the system by giving inputs and examining the corresponding outputs without any kind of knowledge about how and where these inputs are being worked on. Thus, Black-box testing includes testing of interfaces and integration with database, which involves:
• Verification of incoming data items
• Data mapping including meta data
• Verification of outgoing data items from query
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Various advantages and disadvantages of white box testing are following:
Table1.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of White-Box Testing
Advantages Disadvantages
• As the tester has knowledge of the source code, it becomes very easy to find out which type of data can help in testing the application effectively.
• It helps in optimizing the code.
• Extra lines of code can be removed which can bring in hidden defects.
• Due to the tester's knowledge about the code, maximum coverage is attained during test scenario writing. Due to the fact that a skilled tester is needed to perform white box testing, the costs are increased.
• Sometimes it is impossible to look into every nook and corner to find out hidden errors that may create problems as many paths will go untested.
• It is difficult to maintain white box testing as the use of specialized tools like code analyzers and debugging tools are required.

1.2.3 Grey Box Testing in Database Testing
This type of testing involves limited know how of the internal working of the software application. In case of software testing, the term used: the more you know the better it is, holds a great weight-age while testing any
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Unlike black-box test where tester has only access to user interface of the application, here in case of Grey-box testing tester is having access to database as well as to the design documents which allows him to prepare better data test and test scenarios while preparing the test plan. Various advantages and disadvantages of grey box testing are following:
Table1.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Grey-Box Testing
Advantages Disadvantages
• Offers combined benefits of black box and white box testing wherever possible.
• Grey box testers don't rely on the source code; instead they rely on interface definition and functional specifications.
• Based on the limited information available, a grey box tester can design excellent test scenarios especially around communication protocols and data type handling.
• The test is done from the point of view of the user and not the designer. • Since the access to source code is not available, the ability to go over the code and test coverage is limited.
• The tests can be redundant if the software designer has already run a test case.
• Testing every possible input stream is unrealistic because it would take an unreasonable amount of time; therefore, many program paths will go

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