Lamar Consolidated High School Case Study

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Background Lamar Consolidated Independent School District mission statement is to ensure that all students have access to a superior education. Leadership is an essential part of inspiring, motivating students to achieve their full potential to participate in future opportunities in their community. Lamar CISD community involvement is one of the keys to success for students and families. Income has been a huge obstacle that has been preventing key strategies for closing the achievement gaps. There has been a huge increase from 2 parents to 1 parent household, with limited education, and minimum job skills to provide for the family. The family has depended on outside sources and sometimes students have to work. Since the beginning of time there has always…show more content…
It is a win to win situation. Successful school interventions and strategy improve student outcomes for the quality of the culture.(Helme, Lamb,& Australian Institute Health and Welfare, 2011). Vision Lamar CISD vision with the collaboration of the administrators, teachers, and parents would be to ensure inclusion students and ELL students reach a proficiency and potential of the skill set. The achievement gap is reflected on each STARR tested area. Targeting the distance from the goal to gap of student groups that have had achievement gaps would be a planning process which would include the use of performance data. Tutorials are an essential form of ensuring that students have the chance to rebuild their foundation of learning the content. The primary focus would be on one student with a mentor to challenge and inspire students to connect with success. All implementations of the vision would be located in a school setting. After hours and Saturdays would be the best effect. The timeline would be schedule 1-2 weeks before the
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