Analysis Of Discourse Community And 12 Episode Of The Serial

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Discourse Community and 12 Episode of the Serial According to the lecture in the UWP 101 class, I have learned that discourse community is a group of people who communicate with one another to achieve a common. In addition, Porter who wrote the article “Intertextuality and the Discourse Community”, states that discourse communities creates its own collective meaning, and shares assumption about what objects are appropriate for examination and discussion. In the other words, discourse community is a group of people who build up an individual ideology. Ideology is a collection of beliefs about the world that held by a group of people who share the information together. Thus, to understand a world of a person who we are trying to involve to, …show more content…

Particularly, we join in their discourse communities to learn about their world. As we know Sarah has no clue about Adnan, the key to open Adnan’s world is contacting with his family, friends, teachers and others who know him. Therefore, I want to test one of the evidences that I list above is Sarah meets and interviews people in Baltimore who come from different discourse communities. According to Adnan’s friends, “He was an honor roll student, volunteer EMT. He was on the football team. He was a star runner on the track team. He was the homecoming king. He led prayers at the mosque...” Based on this information, Adnan was a smart, kind and handsome boy. In contrast, his friend, Saad who always believes that Adnan is innocent, said Adnan’s family didn’t know that he actually drank, smoked and had sex. This was proof of bad character, and also shows us that Adnan has different types of character. Depending on specific discourse communities Adnan presented, he would choose a character to fit in the community and people believe in the way he acts in front of them. That means when Adnan goes to school, he is an excellent student as well when he is home and practices his Muslim religion, he is a standard prayer. However, Adnan has his own wheels when he in the general community, he performs a

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