Discrimination And Stereotyping Among Gay Men In The LGBT Community

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The LGBT community has caught the society’s attention for a long period of time now. They have been a subject of criticism and judgment for they are considered inferior among all sexes similar to how women are treated in the past. Consequently, just like what women did, the LGBT community, specifically gay men, are trying to prove their capabilities and worth when it comes to being a part of the labor force. Gay men are unleashing their full potential and showing how they can compete among sexes when it comes to being good workers despite all the discrimination and stigmatization.

Discrimination and Stereotyping
No one is safe from discrimination and stereotyping and we are all witnesses to that. Women are supposed to have “clean jobs” like secretaries, librarians, or teachers. In contrast to that, men must have “dirty jobs” such as construction workers or mechanics. Another stereotype is that women are supposed to be submissive and men are the ones who must always be in charge. In addition, men are messy and lazy and women are the opposite (Brewer n.d.). However, since both men and women have broken out of these stereotypes, in my opinion, discrimination and stereotyping among gay men are very much prevalent and are worse in our society nowadays. They experience unrelenting hatred from most heterosexuals, especially men. As a matter of fact, they are viewed as weaklings since they masculine enough compared to men. We can all see how gay men are not

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