Fifty Shades Of Gray: Discrimination In Society

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Discrimination is a constant reminder of inequality among the people. It is one factor that causes division among men and women, young and old, and whites with other skin color. Discrimination among the people turned the society into a battle field where one have to fight hard in order to survive. People normally ignore the idea of discrimination like the baobabs trees in the story of the “Little Prince”, but like the baobabs when it gets ignored it will grow big and tear the whole planet apart. America is a country that serves as a home to different kinds of people and inequality among the society is very visible. In order to address this social problem, their government imposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits discrimination…show more content…
The male have greater power in conversation and another indication that females have less power is that they have to struggle a lot to keep a conversation going with the other sex. In the society, it is still not right in the eyes of other people if a girl will ask a boy out on a date. The norms dictates that the women have to wait to get asked to and that it is only that the male always has to make the first move (Stanley, 1986). In the media, one very famous evidence is the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray” were the female protagonist is objectified by the male protagonist. In the said movie, the female protagonist is use as a sexual object for the male protagonist. In films, there are very few movies that has two or more female protagonist that talked to each other that is not about boys or love. The media a very influential factor on how women is viewed in the society we are in today. Have you ever heard of a term called “glass Ceiling”? It is the discriminatory attitude that gives raise to this term that refers to the invisible barriers between men and women. This one reason keeping women from promotion and top management position (World Bank, 2001). This invisible barriers keeps ladies from showing their full potential in skills and getting jobs that they truly deserve. Strategies for

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