Causes Of Death In The Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era began when Queen Victoria came into throne in 1831 and ended when she passed away in 1901(Lang -Sean 297). During this period in time things were different than they are today. Children’s lives were different, education, religions and the types of diseases. Many say that the Victorians were the ones who put science and technology on pedestal go , as well as religion.

Diseases where very a very common cause of death. To understand why they raised the death rate up so high, we need to know about how the life expectancy. Middle class men were expected to live up to 45 years, work men and labourers up to 23 years, children were lucky of they lived up to 5 years due to the absence if vaccines.The diseases that prevented the …show more content…

Cholera was caused by the use of contaminated water. Victorians knew that it was due to human waste and open sewers around Victoria London. The sewers spread the disease furthermore. Popular symptoms were nausea, diarrhea ,terrible vomiting and cramps. After the first 24 hours of the first symptom, death was not uncommon. Children got sick really easily as well. It was more common for kids to die at a young age because their immune systems were weak. The children that did grow to an old age were lucky, but eventually caught a disease and passed away. One illness that caused death for young children was Scarlet Fever(Victorian Era Diseases). Scarlet fever was caused by streptococci, which is bacteria of genus that include agents of souring milk and dental decay(Mayo Clinic). Penicillin saved some kids lives after …show more content…

From influence of the enlightenment , christian faith was renewed. An established religion gave moral responsibilities , creates fear of doing wrong, and the sense of responsibility for doing it. Victorians read the bible very often and went to church regularly on Sundays. Not only were they religious but they also feared god. Towards the end of the era people started to question Christianity and this was due to science and the push of industrial revolution (BBC Primary History- victorian England). This period was responsible for the loss of authority religion had. Charles Darwin ,a naturalist, had proposed a theory that god was created equal just like everyone else and was not a seperate creature like common belief. Darwin shocked many people and challenged old beliefs that had been passed on for generations. Despite the setback in religion during this time , many priests and missionaries keep the religion alive by writing books and spreading religion(Lang Sean 301). In conclusion, The Victorian Era the evolution of today 's modern society. In many ways the Victorian Era was the “rough draft” of today 's modern america. Religion was questioned, nowadays religion is a secondary thing and a lot more people believe in science and evidence to prove the existence of god. Victorian times set path for new beginnings for education, religion, medicine, and

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