Relationship Between Organized And Disorganized Killers

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Organized and Disorganized Killers
Organized Killers
Organized killers, such as Dennis Rader, are people we may see or know. They are our neighbors, family members, friends, co-workers. They are mostly highly intelligent with above average skills they use to plan the murder and its stages. Their methodical plans stand out when investigators are piecing the puzzle left by the serial killer. (Canter, Alison, Alison, & Wentink 2004)
Organized killers chose their victim and form a relationship with the victim to open the opportunity for the killer to gain control. They appear trustworthy to the victim in order to manipulate when their victims. Once the killer has succeeded in charming the victim and leading them to a vulnerable point, (sometimes across state lines) he or she generally has a confident plan of how the murder will happen and what will happen after the murder. ("Serial Killers - Victims of Violence," n.d.) (Canter, Alison, Alison, & Wentink 2004)
An organized killing generally has more than one crime scenes. From the point of contact, organized killers pay attention to detail by carefully choosing the place of the murder, and where to hide the body. They follow the publications of the murder and are often makes it …show more content…

Unlike organized killers, disorganized killers tend to suffer from mental illnesses that are a result of his or her family life, trauma, or social deficiencies. Disorganized killers do not have the intelligence to lure their victims and uses lethal force to gain control and kill. Due to the disorganization of the murder, their killing patterns are erratic and inconsistent. These types of killers often leave forensic evidence that places him or her at the scene and are easier to apprehend. ("Serial Killers - Victims of Violence," n.d.) (Canter, Alison, Alison, & Wentink

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