Distracted Drivers Kill Research Paper

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Failing to Yield Failure to yield plays a major part of the drivers’ negligent according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Approximately, 3,000 deadly car accidents occur when a driver makes a quick decision about who has the right of way and when to yield. Roughly 80,000 motorists received a traffic citation when they failed to yield in the year of 2012. The statistics show that more senior citizens receive the most traffic citations than any other age group for failing to yield. Distracted Drivers Kill The first thing a novice driver taught is to keep your eyes on the road. Constantly, an accident is associated with distraction. With all the today’s technology, it is easy for a driver to become distracted. Distraction is considered as anything the driver does besides not keeping their eyes on the road like eating, drinking, adjusting the A/C or fiddling with the radio (Berger, 2010). This is unsafe because it only takes five seconds for a car wreck to occur if the driver is distracted. For example, a collision happens when a motorist crosses the …show more content…

For travelers tall and overgrown trees, malfunction traffic lights or inconspicuous stops signs present danger or hazard on the public road. Perhaps the traffic lights on both sides of the intersection signal for the drivers to proceed will cause a major car pile-up. Potholes are a potential risk that leads to terrible car crash and vehicle damage. Potholes are costly to the economy; billions of dollars spent on highway deaths and car damages. The cost repair is approximately 2.7 trillion dollars within the few years (Wetmore, 2004). In most secluded areas, animal crossing may be harmful commuters traveling on the country roads. Within a decade, nearly 1,700 fatal collisions occurred when the vehicles collided with animal crossing the highway (Williams & Wells, 2005). Seventy-seven percent of vehicles hit a deer than any other wild

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